Basic Quality: 15mm  -  Historicals  - ACW  -  WWII  -  Ancients

15mm Historicals--ACW, WWII, and Ancients!

15mm inf basic- still $1 each!
15mm cav basic- still $2 each!

Vehicles obviously vary depending on size and level of detail.

Chariots generally are $1 per “figure” (crew members and horses) and $1-2 for the chariot itself.

Jeeps, Trucks, APC’s, etc. for Battlefront run $4-8 each.

Tanks are $10-12 each--more if you require a complicated paint scheme.

Basic Quality: 15mm  -  Napoleonics  -  16th - 19th c. Wars

Inf Basic = $3 each
Cav Basic= $6 each

Hey, that’s not fair! Why do Napoleonics cost 3 times as much as ancients?

Because your price is based on my time spent; 15mm Napoleonics on average take 3 times as long due to the complexity of the uniform color schemes. If you truly have some Napoleonics or other “heavy uniform era” figures that are a simple 2-3 color scheme rather than 6-7, email me and we’ll discuss a price break. :] 

Basic Quality: 25-30mm  - Historical  -  Sci-Fi  -  Fantasy  -  Horror 

Inf basic - $5 each
Cav basic - $7.50 each

25mm Large pieces--monsters, mechs etc. - $10-$50 depending on size, paint scheme, etc.

Basic Quality: 25-30mm  -  Napoleonics  -  16th-19th c. Wars

25-30mm Napoleonics, 16th-19th c Wars

Inf Basic = $10 each
Cav Basic= $15 each

(Yes, Napoleonics cost more.  See above.)

Deluxe Quality:  Top Notch, Award Winning Painting!

Deluxe Paint jobs are priced depending on the complexity of the figure and the color scheme you choose.
Generally expect to pay 2x as much for deluxe, more if the paint scheme is very intricate or requires freehand work.

I also do 54mm work, and 6mm Warmaster. Ask me about pricing on these items, as it depends on the figure and your paint scheme!

Extras:  Additional Charges / Methods of Payment / Shipping

As many gamers prefer to do their own basing to match existing figures in their collection, prices listed above DO NOT include base treatments!

If you want flocked or sanded bases, this adds $2 per group of up to 10 figures.

Shields with individually painted designs add 25-50 cents to the cost of each figure.

Adding waterslide decals  is $1 per 10 decals.  You must provide the decals, I don't keep any on hand.

Assembly and/or Repair:  Any figures which require assembly or pinning will incur an additional charge, depending on how long it takes to assemble or fix.

Primer adds a cost $1 per group of up to 10 figures. If you send the figures pre-primed, please use black primer when possible.

I do handpainted, unique banners for $7 and up.  These banners are painted on heavy paper, and can be any size and design your unit requires.  

I accept personal checks, money orders, and Paypal. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the work I do on your figures, my fees are 100% REFUNDABLE minus postage. For this reason, I prefer to start off new accounts with a small batch of figures, to make sure we're on the same page. I can also send you jpg photos during the painting process, to keep you posted on the look of your figures.

POSTAGE.  You are responsible for all postage charges;  these are not refundable.  I prefer to ship via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation; this starts at $4.05.  For international shipping, I can ship air mail or Global Express.  Air mail is less expensive, but does not furnish a tracking number, so ship this way at your own risk.


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the minis pictured on the site are NOT for sale--they are figures I have painted for myself or other customers.
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