Most of my work is done on consignment--that is, you send me figures you have already purchased elsewhere, and I send them back painted and based.  However, I do have some items available for direct purchase, displayed here!  The listed price does not include shipping and handling, but most individual items will ship for $4.05 Priority Mail within the U.S.  If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please email and specify which item;  I will calculate shipping and email you payment instructions.

Flames of War 15mm World War II
Sherman II Tank  (FOW BR116)  Price: $25  Order
This Sherman II is painted with colors and emblems of the famed Desert Rats of North Africa.  Perfect for use at Alamein!
German DAK Halftracks (FOW GE272)  Price: $20 (2 models)  Order
Support your artillery batteries with this pair of halftracks painted in DAK colors.
Panzer III J (FOW GE033)  Price: $20  Order
Fitted with the longer gun for mid-war battles, and painted in basic DAK colors.
DAK Panzergrenadier Unit (FOW GE) Price: $50  Order
7 stands including 3 HMG teams.  Support your panzer movements with the troops on the ground.
15mm Cottage/Inn  Price: $20  Order
This 15mm thatched building is cast in resin, originally from JR miniatures.  
Suitable for any European countryside, 1500-modern!
Warhammer, Confrontation Fantasy etc. 25-28 mm fantasy
Skaven Warrior Unit  Price: $50  Order
These 10 Skaven warriors stand ready to swell the ranks of the Horned Rat in your warhammer army.  These are the older plastic models, no longer in production!  Therefore they must be collectable, right? 


Please contact White Ape via email if you are interested in any of these figures.


Shipping is calculated on a per order basis.  All shipping is via USPS Priority Mail;  most single items will ship to any US destination for $4.05.  


White Ape Painting Studio accepts personal checks, money orders, and Paypal.  Payment must be made in full before shipping.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund minus postage costs.


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the minis pictured on the site are NOT for sale--they are figures I have painted for myself or other customers.
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