Welcome to White Ape Painting Studio!

Tired of trying to get a decent-looking army on the table in a reasonable amount of time? Carpel tunnel acting up? Or just fed up with the tedium of painting?

Let White Ape help you out! Our crack team of expert painters and carnivorous white apes will make your army the talk of the tabletop. I specialize in both 25mm and 15mm, historical, fantasy and sci-fi! I also do scenic pieces, dioramas, and hand painted war banners.

Want to see some of my work? Check out my samples.

Want to buy some pre-painted figures? Check the shop for units that are ready to hit the table!

Want the nuts and bolts of paint-for-hire from White Ape? See the consignment page.

Questions, comments? Contact me.





PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the minis pictured on the site are NOT for sale--they are figures I have painted for myself or other customers.
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